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Support for people transitioning out of the Armed Forces and into mainstream society covers aspects of employment and some briefings on finances and housing. Reports such as the Transition Mapping Study, Veterans Transition Review and Lifting the Lid on Transition support the need for a holistic model of support, yet nothing is changing quickly. Our combined experience and the available evidence shows that an effective, holistic model of support must include consideration for the cultural and values-based obstacles to healthy transition that are unique to people leaving service, and must therefore be developed with the maximum possible input from the people who it is designed to support.


The Positive Transition App will assist service leavers, veterans, and their spouses in finding a job that suits them to ensure a sustainable and fulfilling career.


Positive Transition supports people in the decision around where to live and what their housing options are.  Having a home sorted is critical to those next steps.


The Positive Transition App has training and advice, guidance and tools to help people become more money confident.


Positive Transition recognises the need to break the sense of isolation people feel during transition, providing a community platform for you to connect on relevant issues.


Understand how to engage with the NHS, know where your nearest GP and Dentist is using the Health Module of the Positive Transition App.


Positive Transition keeps the well-being of veterans at the forefront of everything we do.

All this and so much more

Transition Elements

The Transition Elements cover everything needed to be successful in civilian life.

The Transition Compass

Our unique Transition Compass will keep those in transition on the right track.

Keeping up-to-date with transition tasks

Never miss a deadline with transition task notifications.

We can create better outcomes for those in transition…

Meet the Team

Ex serving and 22 years of Transition Support

TIM JONES – Founder and CEO

Ex serving now heading up major programmes for NHS Digital


Held several Finance Leadership roles including North Europe FD for Yahoo


Entrepreneur with background in app development and then selling to blue Chip companies


Positive Transition is delighted to announce that we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and have received a Bronze Award for the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme for our support for service personnel and their families transitioning out of the Armed Forces and into mainstream society.  Tim Jones, Founder & CEO

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