Support for people transitioning out of the Armed Forces and into mainstream society is not fit for purpose.  What is provided is focused on the Service Leaver, not available to the families who are equally affected and covers only a fraction of the requirements.  Official reviews and reports dating back to 2013, highlight the need for a holistic model of support.  Despite Government policy on adopting these changes, there is still stove-piped approaches to the provision through serving, transitioning and into the veteran community.  Positive Transition’s mission is to deliver best in class services through an integrated and holistic platform.  To achieve this mission, we have assembled a world leading team of experts in transition, technology, wellbeing and business leadership.

Positive Transition takes an innovative approach to supporting people in complex, life- changing situations. By delivering a digital platform that is highly available and accessible, it means that people can be EMPOWERED to manage their own transition experience. Positive Transition delivers a guided discovery process by assessing the needs, aspirations, experience, skills and competencies of the individual and matches this to the ever-changing needs of the family, society and the workplace. Through the application of AI and deep learning technology, we will enhance user experience and output.   For example, when a user adds terms like “section commander” or “Flight Lieutenant”, the platform will be able to review skills and competencies matrices developed through deep learning to provide suggested additions to a CV.  Further CV enhancement for a cultural fit will be created through the interrogation of the web and social media presence of a business and then aesthetically amend the CV to reflect the tone, mood and content.  The platform will be learning constantly from what works well and what doesn’t work so well across all aspects of transition.