Interview Training

Introduction to an Interview Technique

This introduction describes the technique and helps you avoid the “Show up and throw up” approach.

Interview Preparation

This video provides tips on what research to do and where to go and find out the information you need.

On The Day of the Interview

A video providing tips on what to do on the day to give you the best opportunity to perform well.

Opening of the Interview

Techniques on rebalancing the perceived power, taking some control so that you can evidence and perform well in the interview.


Tips and advice on how to conduct the middle of the interview.  Providing evidence against attributes you have got from them and controlling the flow of the conversation.

Questions to Ask

This video shares thoughts on questions that you can ask when given the opportunity.

Closing Out the Interview

Tips and advice on how to close out the interview with more of an understanding on how you performed and whether or not you might be considered for the role.

Follow up

This video provides advice on something that many people miss… the follow up.