Development Timeline

Dashboard Overview

This video gives a bit of an overview of the Dashboard on the +t webb app. The Dashboard provides the overview of the progress through the journey and details tasks and actions such that all elements of transition are addressed and considered.

Council Contact Letter

This video shares how we can create a contact between the Local Council and the Service Leaver (and family) while complying with GDPR. Currently, Council Armed Forces Champions spend a lot of money on outreach, and this will mitigate the spend. For the service leaver, they receive a personalised letter detailing local council contacts for schooling, housing etc, and also some contacts from within the Veteran community – a network to support people in their resettling to a new area.

On Boarding Process for +t

The onboarding process is an important element of the solution. Being able to gain some basic details for the setting up of the lead account, and then getting family or buddy information… this video covers what is needed.

Positive Transition Logo Reveal 2

Positive Transition – Logo Reveal

Positive Transition - Video Training Content

Having access to training videos on a 24/7 basis mitigates the need to visit classroom sessions for CV writing and Interview techniques, and further, per the recommendations in the Transition Mapping Study and Veterans Transition Review, training on financial management, or interacting with the NHS on departure, can be added too.

Calendar Task Entry

When adding personal events to the calendar, the platform allows the event to be made into a “Task” such that it appears on the tasking list on the dashboard, enabling people to manage their own transition activities.

Wellbeing Checker

To better understand how people are coping with the stress of the major life change, we have developed the well being checker. This can be integrated with other elements of the +t platform to provide in app notifications and wellbeing advice.

Selecting Local GP Surgeries during Transition

In this video, with the very early UI, we show how people leaving the military can, pull data, within the platform, about the local Doctors Surgeries in the location to which they are going to resettle. This task will be prompted through the scheduling functionality of the platform, ensuring all aspects of transition are addressed.

GPs & Dentists on +t

Building the solution to delivering the information families require during their transition is coming along. Here, we demonstrate the functionality showing where local Doctors’ and Dentists’ surgeries can be found. Additionally, it shows that you can also use the platform to be able to locate Doctors and Dentists in the event of an emergency if you are working away or, perhaps an away days.

Course Progress Capture

This video shows how our content can be delivered in a course format, capturing progress for display on the dashboard, and further, ensuring the videos are watched in the specific order relevant to the course material.

Kit Bag Introduction

This video introduces the concept of the Kit Bag, that will house various elements, including videos to be able to watch off line on mobile devices, or, in time via home digital assistants, also, audio files. It can also hold documents like CVs, Covering Letters, and other documents that you might need to share from a mobile device to someone’s email.

Course Progress Capture 2 - Completing Videos

This video shows the development going in to create a course effect on videos, enabling people to know where they are in the course; which videos they have watched and which one they are part way through, etc. This can be supported with a digitally available test or exam to ensure the assimilation of the learning.

Course Assessment

This video demonstrates the ability to present and capture just one form of assessment for courses on the +t platform from Positive Transition.
This assessment is a multi choice questionnaire. The assessment result is captured on the platform and shows in progress on the dashboard. 

Interview Guide

Some additional content gone on to the platform to support people in the preparation for an interview. This printable pdf guide takes people step-by-step through the preparation for an interview and the research that needs to be done in readiness.

New look Wellbeing Checker

Positive Transition is constantly evolving and the new look wellbeing checker aligns us with our partners from Australia, REDSIX.